Western Engineering Competition 2012 Results

It is our pleasure to announce to you the results of the 2012 Western Engineering Competition hosted by the University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta.

The Western Engineering Competition is an annual competition hosted and attended by almost all of the accredited engineering institutions in western Canada, from the University of Manitoba to the University of Victoria. The event features 6 competitions, Communication Engineering, Consulting Engineering, Impromptu Debate, Innovative Design, Junior Team Design and Senior Team Design.

The Communication competition requires an individual or team of two to present a topic, technical in nature, and demonstrate its social, economic and environmental impacts. Kyle Smyth took third place, out of 14 teams, with his topic on open-source software. The competition was won by the University of Calgary, followed by the University of Manitoba.

Kyle Smyth, 3rd place Communication Engineering

The Junior Team Design competition required a team of four first or second year engineering students to solve a physical problem. University of Regina Team One, who?s members included Nick Phongsavath, Mason Tebb, Ryan Kinnear, and Dylan Rush, finished second place (out of 21 teams) only slightly behind Simon Fraser University. The team was tasked to design an apparatus to lift dirty water out of a reservoir, filter it and then deposit in to a second reservoir. The team came up with a vertical conveyer system, powered by a drill, which brought water up and into a trough. The trough moved the water into a three-stage filter of sand, cotton and polyester. The filtered water was then tested at a chemistry lab at the University of Calgary and a panel of four judges in industry critiqued their design.

Nick Phongsavath, Ryan Kinnear, Dylan Rush and Mason Tebb. 2nd place Junior Team Design

The Junior Design Team will advance to the Canadian Engineering Competition, being held in March at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC.

We would also like to mention the excellent performance and professionalism of our Senior Design Team which included Johann Kriek, Aaron Mead, Mitch Parsons and, Yilun Deng. They were tasked with designing an automated VEX Robot that had to clean up a mock oil spill. Unfortunately for them, the first test of two went wrong and broke one of the sensors and on their second try were forced to use human intervention, which lost them several points. Had they not had to use human intervention we are confident they would have easily taken a podium spot.

We are extremely proud of all of the delegates that represented our school. On top of the two podium finishes, the University of Regina delegation was an honourable mention for the overall Spirit Award.

University of Regina Competitors

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