Regina Engineering Competition 2014 Results

Thank you to all the judges, volunteers and competitors that came out today to make this one of the most challenging competitions so far. A special thanks to APEGS for their support and contribution to the event, we certainly could not have done it without them. Here are your 2014 winners:

Senior Design
1 -?Ryan Kinnear, Mason Tebb, ?Dylan Rush, Brayden Willenborg
2 -?Arsalan Khan, Vanessa Lee, Lindsey Kinash, Elechi Frank
Junior Design
1 -?Tyson Blaschke, Michael Mogentale, Garrett Terlson, Kolby Parisloff
2 -?Curtis Penrose, Ashley Linkewich, Jeff Redmond, Dustin Coupland
Engineering Communications
1 -?Caileigh Beckman, Magda Seitz
2 -?Nicole Barber
Innovative Design
1 -?Sumaiya Asad, Monica Purewal
Consulting Engineering
1 -?Seth Hunt, Daniel Frazer, Ray Lagimodiere, Ryan Clark
2 -?Carli Rosenbaum, Camille Jensen, Graem Johnston, Kade Halabuza
3 -?Connor Tant, Mark Rumpel, Brent Reid, Kyle Shaw
4 -?Michael Pereira, Steven Suh, Alan Lavoie, Chelsea Roy
Impromptu Debate
1 -?Jason Whitelaw, Chris Carman
2 -?Paul Hewitt, Maksym Zabutnyy
1 -Owen Lareau, Marten Fidler
Thank you again for those who came out to participate! Feedback from the competition will be sent out later this week.