Pie in the Eye 2015

Seeking volunteers and participants for Pie in the Eye!

To volunteer, please contact Marten Fidler, Charity Director, at or 306-596-8136 and fill out the this poll with your availability.

Pie in the Eye (PITE) is the Regina Engineering Students? Society?s favourite fundraiser! This year, we are running it during the second week of March from 9:00am-5:00pm. PITE is a fundraiser where volunteers deliver whipped cream pies around the city. To purchase a pie, you pay $10 (or more, if desired). Then our volunteers will send it to anyone in Regina.

The recipients of the pies can either:

Accept the pie in the face!

Pay the original amount, +$5, to send it to another person in Regina

Pay the original amount, +$10, to stop the pie chain

Anyone can order pies from the Engineering Lounge at the University of Regina (ED 127), or call 1-306-545-RESS (1-306-545-7377) from March 9-13, 9:00am-5:00pm.

This year we are excited to raise funds for the Tetra Society, which connects engineers with disabled clients to build custom devices to improve their quality of life.?Included with this email is a letter of endorsement from the Tetra Society. Please share this message with others in your office and other companies in Regina to promote awareness.?