WESST Request: A New Fun Logo!

The Western Engineering Students? Societies Team (WESST) is an alliance of all the engineering undergraduate students? societies in western Canada. For the last 20 years, WESST has been improving student societies through an informal association of information and a medium for sharing ideas to learn about people and schools.

Now WESST wants a new, fun logo. The official logo is currently this:

WESST logo
The WESST Exec would like to try out a new “fun” logo for merchandise. Submissions will be accepted until mid-August. If desired, we can provide the current logo in .ai format. Winners will receive a free bandana with the design!
Contact Brittany, VP Communications (communications@uofrengineering.com) or Caileigh, VP Student Associations (associations@uofrengineering.com) for more information, or to submit your idea.