Welcome Week

We have a number of events planned that you may participate in during Welcome Week:

Wednesday September 5 ? Frosh Olympics and BBQ. We will be coming to take you out of your class on Wednesday (with permission from the instructor) for the tradition known as Frosh Olympics. All students will be given an official RESS t-shirt and student handbook. After posing for the Class of 2017 photograph, our volunteers will lead you in interesting relay races and competitions to allow you to have some fun and meet other students. Prepare to get a bit wet, we will have a giant slip and slide on the green and give out prizes for those that participate. The day will end with a free BBQ.

Thursday September 6 – Pancake Breakfast.

Come on by the RESS Lounge for a pancake breakfast 8-10am.

Thursday September 6 ? Scavenger Hunt. The legendary 24-hour scavenger hunt will start at noon on Thursday and end at noon on Friday. Teams can be continued from the Frosh Olympics or new ones can be formed. It is not required that you participate for the full 24hours, unless you want to win. Winners will receive a significant portion of RESS store credit to be redeemed for RESS merchandise or school supplies (lab coats, engineering graphing paper, etc.).

Friday September 7 ? Beer Tents. The RESS will be running the URSU Academic Green Beer Tent on Friday. Those of you who are lucky enough to start out university at the age of 19 can join the upper years students throughout the day.