RESS Mentorship Program

The RESS is looking for experienced Engineering students to help out this school year!?Click?Here?to Apply to be either a Mentor or Mentee.

The mentorship program will act as a buddy system that gives first year students the opportunity to befriend someone who has been around the block once or twice.

This year, each older student will be paired with two younger students, and together will be able to contact each other with questions or information on upcoming events! Commitment to this program can be as high or as low as desired. Ideally, the RESS hopes that contact with group members will be made at least once every few weeks.

This is a fantastic way to get involved in the Engineering community without a huge time commitment! This would also be a great opportunity for those interested in involvement with the RESS, or for those simply wishing to enhance their leadership potential!

Please feel free to contact Brad at with any questions related to the mentorship program.