RESS Frosh Week 2014

New member of RESS or returning member? Come and join the RESS with a week full of events to introduce first years into the Engineering Faculty.

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Frosh Olympics & BBQ
Date: Sept 3rd at 5:30PM
Location: Field 5
Compete against your peers in challenging games, trivia, and activities. Show off your skillz and enjoy some burgers (w/ veggie options).

Scavenger Hunt
Date: Sept 4th at 12:00PM
Location: ED 127
Gather your knowledge and your team to find all the items on our list. This 24 hour challenge will test your mind and body.

Pancake Breakfast
Date: Sept 5th at 8:00AM
Location: ED 127
Enjoy some fresh pancakes to start the day off right.

Frozen Friday
Date: Sept 5th All Day
The beginning of Frozen Fridays where members get FREE frozen treats for the month of September.

Movie Night
Date: Sept 6 at 4:00PM
Location: ED 193
Enjoy a nice film with your peers after the first week of classes. The movie is TBA.

Cereal Sunday
Date: Sept 7 at 10:00AM
Location: ED 127
Fresh cereal in the lounge. Do I need to explain?

Design Competition
Date: Sept 7 at 1:00PM
Location: ED 127 & Field
You are given problem and you have to engineer your way out of the situation.

Date: Sept 8 at 4:30PM
Location: CK 185
Come and learn the all the tips and tricks you need to know.??Have a slice of pizza and learn about the RESS and what we can do for you.?

Ultimate Frisbee
Date: Sept 9 at 4:00PM
Location: Field 5
Even if you aren’t good at sports, it will be an excellent time to relax. Let’s run around and play frisbee in an ultimate fashion.