Pie In The Eye

The Regina Engineering Students’ Spciety is proud to present Pie in the Eye 2016, from March 14th-18th, 9am-5pm.

The organization we are doing this for is the Soul’s Harbour Rescue Mission. They provide aid for those in need in the form of food, shelter, clothes and other necessities. This specifically is going towards their new development, the “Samaritan Project”, which is a plan to expand and build a new more sustainable and environmentally conscious building.

The rules are as followed:

Pies are able to be sent to anyone in the city of Regina for a minimum of $10. The person that is targeted has the following options on how to deal with their situation:
1) The the pie to the face
2) Pay the current value of the pie + $5 to pass it on to another person. This increases the value of the pie (ex: if somebody paid $15 to send a pie to somebody named Brad Lulik, he would have to pay $20 to redirect it and the current value of the pie is now $20)
*Pies may not be sent back to the sender, however new pies can be started and sent back.
3) Pay the current value of the pie + $10 to stop the pie.
For any engineering students who would like to help with this fantastic event by delivering pies, please sign up for shifts here!

To send a pie, fill out the attached form and bring to the Engg Lounge (ED 127), email martyfid@gmail.com or call the Engg Lounge at (306) 545-7377.

Enjoy the whipped cream while raising money for a good cause!
PITE Order Form