Election Results!

The results are in! Meet your official Regina Engineering Students’ Society Council for 2016-2017:

Maksym Zabutnyy (48 for; 7 Non-confidence)

VP Academic:
Adam Tilson (52 for; 4 Non-confidence)

VP Finance:
Tristan Heisler (49 for; 6 Non-confidence)

VP Professional:
Mackenzie Mueller (40 for; 13 Peter Kloiber; 3 Non-confidence)

VP Internal:
Zach Martin (47 for; 8 Non-confidence)

VP External:
Taylor Petrychyn (48 for; 7 Non-confidence)

VP Social:
Mackenzie Gelinas (49 for; 6 Non-confidence)

VP Communication:
Quinn Base (47 for; 8 Non-confidence)

Student Life Directors (2):
Ashley Linkewich (49 for; 6 Non-confidence)
Anton Movchan (42 for; 13 Non-confidence)

Stores Director:
Mike Badger (53 for; 2 Non-confidence)

Lounge Director:
Justin Grywacheski (51 for; 4 Non-confidence)

Industry Relations:
Blair Graas (43 for; 12 Non-confidence)

Congratulations to all the successfully elected candidates. For those still interested in joining council, starting in May representative positions as well as vacant director position will be open and the 2016-2017 council will be filling them. So keep an eye out for application periods!