Constitution Revisions

Hello everyone,
I have had the great opportunity to work with our Policy Revision Committee to help amend our Operations Manual and Constitution for the future. There are three proposed amendments:
1. Revisited and Updated Constitution (Proposed Constitution Revisions)
There are some updates to numbers. We adjusted quorum at General Meetings from 30 to 60 since the growth of our school needs more representation.
2. Vice-President Student Associations (Tabled from the last Winter General Meeting)
In the case the first amendment is approved, there is an amendment to title of the position of ?Vice-President Student Associations? to be changed to ?Vice-President External Affairs?.
3. Vice-President Internal
In the case the first amendment is approved, there is an additional position of ?Vice-President Internal? to be added to better redistribute the Vice-President responsibilities with the growth of our school.
Please send any other motions to Motions involving constitution changes will be presented at the meeting, posted, and then voted on at the Winter General Meeting. Any other motions submitted by Wednesday November 25th will be included in the agenda.
Nicole Barber
RESS President