Candidates for the RESS September By-election

On September 24, 2014, the RESS will hold an election to fill the positions of VP Social, Lounge Director, First-Year Chair, First-Year Events Director, and First-Year Communications Director. ?You may have noticed the campaign posters displayed around the University and inside the engineering lounge, but just in case you did not, here are the candidates and the positions they are running for:

Vice-President Social
Dylan Edgar
Makysym Zabutnyy

Lounge Director
Bryce Drew
Drew Kurtz
Wilson Nie

First-Year Chair
Matthew Hall
Jennifer Herasymuik
Ahmad Qaqa
Garry Sarkar
Armin Smajevic

First-Year Events Director
Tristan Heisler

First-Year Communications Director
Quinn Bast

It is not yet decided whether the vote will be held electronically or via paper ballot, keep your ear to Facebook ( and Twitter (@reginaengg) to keep updated!