Super Smash Bros Tournament

The RESS is proud to present the first ever Super Smash Bros Tournament. This event will be held February 27th at 6:00 pm in the Education Auditorium Wing (106.1). It will be $5 to enter the tournament with the proceeds going towards the 2014 Faculty of Engineering Grad. After the gaming has finished, there will be pizza and pop served in the lounge to help refuel.
The rules for the tournament are as follows:
? The registration will occur just before the event starts.
? The game will be Super Smash Bros. Melee
? There will be an A side and B side bracket
? Each match is a free-for-all consisting of four players, with each player having five lives
? There will be computer players in order to fill any missing spots. These characters will be random for each match and will be at Level 7.
? The top two players will advance to the next round in A side, while the last two players will go to B side. Essentially if you lose twice, you are out!
? Players may change their characters throughout the tournament
? The stages for each match will be random
? There will be prizes for the first place players on both A side and B side

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