1-4 Reception

The RESS is hosting the 17th annual Year 1-4 Reception on Thursday March 12, 2009, during Engineering Week, at the Terrace Rotunda/Plaza at Innovation Place 140 ? 10 Research Drive from 7pm ? 9pm. This reception will be a semi-formal mixer with wine and appetizers, and give first year students, upper year students, engineering faculty members, and industry engineers/sponsors a chance to network and listen to a guest speaker. There will also be a number of booths set up to give sponsors and engineering clubs a chance to expose their organization to students.

Admission to this event is free, but all who wish to attend (excluding the 1st year engineering students) must send their Name, Organization/Company that they will be attending on behalf of, and their email to Sherron Campbell at academic@uofrengineering.com.

We would like to invite all engineering students, the engineering faculty, engineering organizations, and industry engineers. Since this event would not be possible without sponsorship, we encourage sponsorship from the Organization/Company that attendance will be on behalf of.

Remember, attendance to this event is limited, so get your e-mails in!

For sponsorship information, please see our link below.
1-4 Sponsorship Package

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