RESS 2014-2015 Election Results

Hello all,

Thanks to everyone who came out to vote today, the results for the election are listed below. As there is a tie we will have to hold another election solely for that position at a later date *. Please note that these results are not ratified until the AGM and are subject to a recount.


Jason Whitelaw: 96
Non-confidence: 3


VP Academic
Brad Lulik: 90
Non-confidence: 9


VP Communications
Brayden Willenborg: 89
Non-confidence: 12


VP Finance
Seth Hunt: 91
Non-confidence: 9


VP Professional Affairs
Nicole Barber: 85
Non-confidence: 13


VP Social
Dylan Edgar: 54
Non-confidence: 41


VP Student Associations
David Crossman: 95
Non-confidence: 4


Industry Director
Manjesh Banawara: 45
Marten Fidler: 43
Non-confidence: 7


Lounge Director
Ryan Clark: 88
Non-confidence: 11


Publications Director *
Eva Rennie: 42
Brittany Sippola:42
Non-confidence: 6


Stores Director
Magda Seitz: 85
Non-confidence: 9


Student Life Directors
Ashley Linkewich: 61
Tanner Hunt: 52
Ibrahim Alayyaf: 26
Jiann (Wilson) Nie: 22
Non-confidence: 7


Students Services
Paul Hutchinson: 46
Garrett Terlson: 42


Visual Media Director
Owen Lareau: 90
Non-confidence: 5