FYC election/ By-election September 24th

First Year Council (FYC) elections and a by-election for Charity Director will take place Thursday September 24th.

Charity Director is in charge of running Pie in the Eye during engineering week in March
Votes for Charity Director can be cast on Thursday September 24th, in the engineering lounge (ED 127).

FYC Chair shall be responsible for FYC, and notify the RESS of first year concerns
FYC Events shall organize event for the First Year
FYC Communications shall help with RESS charity events, along with notify the first year class about RESS and FYC events
FYC election will take place in the Ed auditorium during ENGG 123 at 3:35

If you have any questions or would like to run for a position stop by the lounge. Nominations forms are available for all
As a reminder all nomination forms are due by Tuesday at 5:00

Congratulations to our winners:
Charity Director: Garrett Genge
FYC Chair: Matthew Cooke
FYC Events: Daye Alfred
FYC Communications: Dan Hebert

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