Election Results

The results are in! Your RESS Council for the 2008/2009 term is as follows:

President – Drew Baldock (For: 49, Against: 11)
VP Academic – Sherron Campbell (For: 49, Against: 11)
VP Student Associations – Matt Steen (For: 51, Against: 7)
VP Communications – Ariele Chow (For: 54, Against: 5)
VP Finance – Justin Grill (For: 45, Against: 16)
VP Social – Jordan Padbury (For: 50, Against: 11)

Lounge Director – Warren Ryberg (For: 49, Against: 5)
Photo Director – Mitchell Todd (For: 52, Against: 4)
Store Director – Alyssa Stoeck (For: 57, Against: 2)
Publications Director – Johnny Desnoyers-Stewart (For: 53, Against: 2)

I^3 Director – Natasha Bellows (41 votes)
Garett Gelsinger? (19 votes)

Charity Director – Stephanie Campbell (46 votes)
Adam Fehler (19 votes)

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  1. someone says:

    the elections should not be valid when you have more that a quarter of the people who voted against you , what is the point on making people vote?

  2. RESS says:

    In our elections, as are with most, the results are based on a majority. If someone achieves 50% or more of the votes, the position is awarded to said person. In the event of 3 or more people running for the same position, whoever has the greatest number of votes wins.

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