2015 Election Candidates

The RESS election will take place on Friday March 13, 2015 ? voting process TBD. For students on co-op or those that can not make it to the lounge can still vote.

Candidate Profiles

Nicole Barber

Hi! My name is Nicole Barber, and I will be entering my final year of environmental systems engineering in the fall. I have served as the VP Professional affairs, industry relations director (two years), and the first year communications representative which has prepared me to run for president. I have a significant amount of experience helping plan and execute RESS events including the Year 1-4 professional mixer, student conferences, and industry tours. I have represented the RESS at various conferences and meetings with other students, professionals, and faculty. After a successful year leading the professional affairs team, I am ready to take on the increased responsibility of president. If elected, I will continue serving the University of Regina Faculty of Engineering Students in this new role. I promise to represent the RESS in a professional manner, continue planning and coordinating events, and ensure that the RESS continues to serve the students and run smoothly.

Nicole Barber

Caileigh Beckman
VP Student Associations

Ahmad Qaqa
VP Academic

Dear fellow engineering students,

My name is Ahmad Qaqa, and I am a first year Industrial Systems Engineering and; also, a Business diploma student. It is an honor to serve you since last September as a first year chair. My involvement in various RESS activities help me to understand more about the council. Also, my involvements are beyond our school and society; I was sent to a national conference (congress for engineering students) to learn and help the RESS to carry on the process of our council. As I am a first year student I am committed to serve the society for a longer basis. I have involved in my programs and hold several positions so far in my career. I went to several countries for different reasons; such as, academic programs, and personal life. That helps me to understand more cultures and gain more knowledge. I am very grateful to be nominated for Vice-President Academic. If I am elected, I promise to focus all my knowledge, experience, and efforts to serve you and be your back.

Ahmad Qaqa


Dylan Edgar
VP Academic


My name is Dylan Edgar. I currently hold the position of VP Social with the RESS and I am running for the position of VP Academic this semester.

This will be my last year at the University of Regina, and as such I have been through everything that you guys have been through. The professors (good and bad), the homework and labs (the bad and the…worse) and as such I can relate to you all when you come to me with issues. I also am easy to approach and talk to, and as most of you know spend most of my free time in the lounge so if you need to speak to me I am an easy man to find. I also know the ins and outs of the position, seeing it performed admirably by the previous holder Brad Lulik.

My goals as VP Academic are as follows:
1) ensure the academic survey responses are heard throughout the faculty
2) maintain the relationship with the Dean of Academic Services the previous VP had
3) to be there professional voice of you, the students.

I hope you consider me as your VP, and I hope to see you all for my last year at the U of R!


Marten Fidler
VP Professional Affairs

Magda Seitz
VP Finance

Brittany Sippola
VP Communications


Hello!?My name is Brittany Sippola and I?m running for VP Communications. I?m in my second year of Environmental Systems Engineering. I?ve been on the RESS since I began University, starting as First Year Communications, then Publications Director, and finally taking over as VP Communications last November. I?m also VP Logistics for the 2015 Western Engineering Student Society Team Retreat that Regina is hosting. I really enjoy being part of council and making a difference for Engineering students. I?m really excited for 2015/2016 council and all the new faces starting with us. I think that we will make a good, cohesive group that can really serve the engineering students.?Whenever I?m on campus, I like to hang out in the Engg Lounge and just chat with everyone I can. I?m really social and enjoy interacting with different members of the student body and getting different opinions on how the RESS are doing.?I hope you support me as your 2015/2016 VP Communications!

Maksym Zabutnyy
VP Social

thumbnailNick Laplante
Student Services Director

Hello fellow engineering students! My name is Nicholas LaPlante and I would like to be your Student Services Director for the 2015-2016 term. I am currently a 4th year Electronics Systems Engineering student, and the 4th year representative on the Regina Engineering Students? Society. In my year of involvement on the RESS I have been able to help plan and organize events for the engineering students as well as listen to and voice the concerns of many 4th year students as part of the academic team. I feel that this experience has helped me prepare to take on a larger role in the academic team. I am a dependable, well organized and thorough individual who will do my best to fulfill the duties of my position. These duties include assisting in the coordination of academic events, such as Beef n Pizza, organization of the mentorship and tutorial programs and the administration of academic concerns of the student body. If you have any questions about my campaign or the RESS in general, feel free to send me an email at laplantn@uregina.ca or visit facebook.com/laplantenick.

Nick LaPlante

Adam Tilson
Student Services Director

Garrett Terlson
Student Services Director

Zach Martin
Student Life Director

Mackenzie Gelinas
Student Life Director

Rayann Joesph Soledad
Student Life Director

(James) Tsung-Han Hsieh
Visual Media Director

Tristan Heisler
Stores Director

wec2015Tyson Blaschke
Stores Director

My name is Tyson Blaschke, 2nd year ISE student, and I?m running to be your stores director. I?m a driven and efficient individual who loves being involved and making a difference in how your upcoming years as an engineering student turn out. All the items that are sold at the store currently are tremendous and I would continue to provide these items to the student body, plus I have some new ideas to bring to the table. I have also been to conferences during my years at the UofR and have seen the UofR represent themselves well, and I want to keep that going by providing the best merchandise. If your wardrobe is looking low on clothing, I want to be there for you, helping you search through all the things sold at the RESS store for that new favourite shirt or etcetera. On a side note, if any of you have suggestions or anything about the store, please contact me and I will review it. Happy voting!!

Armin Smajevic
Charity Director

Brant Geddes
Charity Director

Carly MeenaCarly Meena
Industry Relations Director

Hello fellow engineering students!

My name is Carly Meena and I am currently in my 4th year of studying ISE here at the U of R. As I am progressing into my career, I understand that there are two important skill sets that students must achieve before heading off to the real world! One of these skill sets of course has to do with obtaining a degree and becoming a certified engineer. However, professional skills are also important to give students the competitive edge that they need in the industry. I would be honored to serve as the Industry Relations Director for the RESS to bring students the opportunities that they need to gain their professional skills. My ideas have been sparked from the various conferences and networking events that I have attended (WEC 2013, WHM 2014, The Inspiring Leadership Forum 2014, CCWESTT 2014, WCW Annual Conference and Exhibition 2014, NCWiE 2014, Congress 2015). I want to bring students the chances to: practice networking at events with real industry members, learn how to develop elevator speeches, assist with public speaking, learn how to become successful at career fairs and so much more. I am always open to requests from the student body and would welcome the opportunity to be your liaison to the industry.

Jeremy Beaurivage
Lounge Director

Quinn Bast
Lounge Director