2014 Election Candidates

The RESS election will take place on Tuesday March 18, 2014 ? voting process TBD. For students on co-op or those that can not make it to the lounge can still vote.

Candidate Profiles

LinkedInDP?Manjesh Banawara
Industry Relations Director

Hello fellow engineering students! It was a pleasure to serve you this past year in the capacity of First Year Events. My deep involvement with the RESS and participation in national engineering leadership conferences has not only lead me to a better understanding of how to better serve our student body but also trained me up to be a suitable candidate for the position of Industry Relations Director. My platform is premised on the idea that studying engineering at the UofR is about converting your opportunities into successes and it is accordingly my goal if elected as Industry Relations Director to facilitate this. My primary focus will be strengthening old ties while cultivating and forging new relationships with industry partners all for your benefit; to create a renewed interest in UofR engineering students from an industry perspective. While placing a greater emphasis on providing students with necessary job hunting skills, I aim to conduct more workshops and networking sessions. I invite everyone to have a look at my facebook page (or chat with me in person) for a more detailed look at my platform. Do not hesitate to approach me with any questions that you may have as I always have time for fellow students! Allow me to be your link with industry.

Manjesh Banawara

1294345_10151692445497087_564426347_o?Marten Fidler
Industry Relations Director

I am a 4th year ISE student, member of the RESS, pole dancer (not that kind you pervert, pole as in Polish), beer hound, nerd and nature enthusiast (as long as I can bring a cooler). Over the years I have been at the U of R I have participated in a multitude of events put on by the RESS that have provided me with great memories, as well as some events that have yet to be cleared up. It is because of these ?experiences I would like to do my due diligence. It is because of the people in the RESS that I want to contribute to the group of like minded people that have made the RESS a network where one can be supported, and possibly berated by your friends, for the sake of progress. I have been in three work terms with various companies like SaskPower, Evraz Inc, and MPE Engineering and it is because of my work terms I have experience in networking and contacting representatives. These experiences combined with my interactions with the RESS in the past will motivate me to do the best to maintain and further develop the network that we have worked hard to create.

Ryan Clark
Lounge Director

jason?Jason Whitelaw

Hi! My name is Jason Whitelaw, and I am entering my 5th (and final) year of Electronic Systems Engineering. During my time here I have served on the RESS as VP Professional Affairs for two years, President for one year, and I am currently running for my 2nd term as President of the RESS. If elected, I promise to continue serving the University of Regina Faculty of Engineering Students, representing your needs to the Faculty and University, planning and coordinating events, and ensuring that the RESS continues expanding and offering increased services to you, the students.

Jason Whitelaw

Eva Rennie
Publications Director

IMG_3999?Brittany Sippola
Publications Director

Here?s my paragraph and picture! Thanks.
My name is Brittany Sippola. I am a first year Environmental Systems major, and I am running for Publications Director as part of the Communications team. For the past year, I have held the position of First Year Communications representative. I?ve always been interested in design, layout, and writing ? in fact, before I decided on Engineering, I considered a degree in Journalism. If elected I will work hard to put out an interesting, informative, and entertaining Raging Buffalo at least once every semester and work with the VP Communications to make a great annual handbook. I want to make the Raging Buffalo something that really brings our faculty together! Thanks for listening.

Magda_S?Magda Seitz
Stores Director

My name is Magda Seitz and I am currently a 3rd year ISE student away on a work term with Case New Holland. Although my position is uncontested, I am very excited to continue my term with the RESS as the Stores Director. I hope to continue to provide the student body with clothing as well as small ?swag? items that will allow all of us to demonstrate the sense of pride we all have in our degrees and our university. For my second term I also would like to encourage more feedback from the student body regarding what to stock within the store and ideas for possible preorder items. This past year hoodies and sweatpants were ordered and this next year I would like to do a second round of preorders for a wider variety of items as the last round was so successful! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at stores@uofrengineering.com. I am always available for questions regarding stores merchandise, and always open to constructive criticism and ideas that would help the store flourish! Thank you all for your support this past year, and I hope to continue to have your support this year.

Magda Seitz
RESS Stores Director

IMG_0472?Ashley Linkewich
Student Life Director

My name is Ashley and I am a first year Industrial Systems Student at the UofR, originally from Alberta. I have a passion for leadership and have been involved in such groups throughout my whole life and am continuing that within the RESS. I love event planning as well as working with other team members in order to do some hilarious pranks and other crazy things. Throughout my life I have been very adventurous including my decision to move to Saskatchewan for school without ever being here before. It is things like this that make me believe I would be a great Student Life Representative for the RESS.

Jiann (Wilson) Nie
Student Life Director

tanner?Tanner Hunt
Student Life Director

My name is Tanner Hunt and I am running for the Student Life Director position. ?I was not aware of my nomination for this position until contacted by the RESS. ?In other words: the people have spoken! ?I grew up in south eastern Saskatchewan and went straight to the U of R from high school. I started Industrial Systems Engineering in 2010 and hope to be finished by the spring of 2015. ?I have had a tonne (metric ton) of fun in my years at the U of R. ?I lived in residence for two years (my party years), and have been involved with campus life ever since. ?I also have been involved with previous RESS events and have some pretty cool ideas for future events (and pranks). ?I have a lot to offer, and given the chance would like to drink you under the table. ?Also I don?t know if you noticed, but I have an army of Storm Troopers behind me.

Ibrahim (Ib) Alayyaf
Student Life Director

Paul Hitchinson
Student Services Director

resspic?Garrett Terlson
Student Services Director

My name is Garrett Terlson, and I’m running to be your student services director. I’m a driven and efficient individual who loves being involved and making a difference in how your year turns out. I was on my high school SLC from grade 10-12, and served as vice-president in my final year where I was involved in almost all decisions made by the council. I know what it takes to lead and listen to the people’s concerns. I would love to represent you as your student services director, and hope you consider me for the position.

Owen Lareau
Visual Media Director

Brad_Photo?Brad Lulik
VP Academic

Hello everyone, my name is Brad Lulik and I am the incumbent for Vice-President Academic.

Following my first year as Vice- President Academic, I believe that fantastic progress has been made towards increasing the value of services offered to you, the stakeholders of this institution ? but the work is not yet complete! Representing the best interests of the students and addressing issues regarding the quality of education and services will remain my main focus in the 2014/15 academic year.
Acting on academic concerns and complaints has been a primary emphasis throughout my term. In addition to Vice-President Academic, I represent nearly 13000 student members as a Councillor on the University of Regina Council. My main responsibility as a student representative is remaining accountable to my members. In doing so, I serve on the following committees:

  • University of Regina Council
  • University of Regina Council Committee on Academic Mission
  • Graduate Attributes Outcome Assessment Committee
  • Faculty of Engineering Planning Committee
  • Faculty of Engineering Co-op planning Committee
  • Faculty of Engineering Equipment Fund Committee

It is my continuous goal to have this University characterized as a progressive community. By advocating for constant improvement, being an effective liaison between the University of Regina and its students, and evolving to a more inclusive institution, I believe that we, as students, can help our school flourish.
Feel free to contact me with any questions at Brad.Lulik@gmail.com.

Brayden Willenborg
VP Communications

Election Pic?Seth Hunt
VP Finance

My name is Seth Hunt and I am running for the position of Vice President Finance for the 2014-2015?term. I will be entering my fifth and final year of the Industrial Systems Engineering program, and will?have completed the Co-op program and my Diploma in Business Administration over the upcoming?summer. Over the last year, I have been actively involved with the Regina Engineering Students’ Society,?as a Student Life Director, helping organize various events during Welcome Week, Engineering Week?and the recent Super Smash Bros. Tournament. If elected to the finance position, I will ensure the?money spent by the RESS benefits as many engineering students as possible. I believe a high level of?transparency is required when dealing with the RESS budget and vow to make this a priority. As this?money belongs to the RESS and the students it supports, I promise to pay great attention to detail when?completing transactions and balancing the books. This position is a good fit for me due to my high?attention to detail and the experience I have gained while completing my Business Diploma and Co-op?work terms. I will work with the other elected members to ensure that the RESS can provide enjoyable?experiences for everyone–all while maintaining fiscal responsibility. I am grateful to be nominated for?the VP Finance position and I believe it is the right choice that you, my peers, decide to vote for me on?Election Day.

2013-05-25 cropped?Nicole Barber
VP Professional Affairs

Hi my name is Nicole Barber, and I am currently in my third year of environmental systems engineering. I have been the industry relations director for the past two years and was the first year communications representative the year before that. This has given me experience helping plan and execute RESS events including the Year 1-4 professional mixer. I have also had the opportunity to attend conferences and meetings for the RESS and make industry contacts to help with RESS events. I am now looking to take on a new role with the RESS as the VP professional affairs. In my position as industry relations director I have been part of the professional affairs team and would now like the increased responsibility of leading this team.

photo?Dylan Edgar
VP Social

Hello engineering students of the U of R. For those of you who don?t know me, my name is Dylan Edgar, I?m a 3rd year engineering student (currently on a work term), and I am running for Vice President Social for the RESS. So for starters, what is the VP Social? Well for starters, the big event of the year, Beerfest, is run by the VP Social. As someone who heavily enjoys attending Beerfest, having the opportunity to help organize such a big event while still being able to have fun with you guys at the event would be a great opportunity. But that?s not all the VP Social does! Beer in the Lounges, Second Year Mug, all these awesome events are run by the VP Social. So why should you vote for me? Well, for starters, I?ve been tried to be as involved as possible in helping the RESS in the past year (I was previously the 3rd Year Representative), and helped volunteer while not directly being on council since 2nd year. I?ve attended as many RESS events as possible, and know everybody on council currently, and know most of the people currently running, so having a cohesive council will be even easier with me on it. I also recently went to the CFES (Canadian Federation of Engineering Students) Leadership Congress in Sherbrooke, and gained a lot of awesome experience/tips about how to run events, how to be a good leader and how to effectively garner to the students needs. I also met a lot of people and made a tone of connections to try and help bring people from other schools to our events to make them even bigger!
But most importantly, why should you vote for me? All these events have been awesome in the past. Well I promise that not only will I help run these events as well as the previous VP Social, I will try as hard as I can to figure out what it is you guys want to make it even better!
TL;DR: My name is Dylan Edgar, I am running for VP Social, vote for me!

993806_10200810155598793_1899361453_n?Taylor Petrychyn
VP Social

My name is Taylor Petrychyn and I am running for the position of VP Social for the 2014-2015 term. I am entering my second year of Software Systems Engineering. Over the past year I held position of Visual Media Director and was actively involved with the Regina Engineering Students Society. I believe the position of VP Social should be held by someone who is hard working but also knows how to have a good time and host exciting events. Since the main duties of VP Social are hosting Beerfest and Beer in the Lounge I feel it is important to uphold a strong working relationship with our sponsors to continue the excellent partnership that has been established. I feel confident that I will be able to keep this relationship. I also have experience in coordinating and hosting events through my years as a member of the Leboldus Highschool Student Council. If elected I will strive to keeping the Engineering events as successful and enjoyable as always. I am thankful for the opportunity to run for the position of VP Social and hope that you will make the right choice in voting for me on Election Day.

a61294d09e9011e39b450e6a3b19abce_8?David Crossman
VP Student Associations

I will be running for the position as Vice-President Student Associations in the 2014 General Election. With my multiple years of experience on the Regina Engineering Students? Society, I believe that the experience that I have gained can be directly transferred and applied to me being the best candidate. I am very interested in the position, as I am looking forward to working with University of Regina Student Union, Western Engineering Students Society Team, and Canadian Federation of Engineering Students.

I am currently in my fourth year of completing a Bachelor of Applied Science in Software Systems Engineering. Through my education and work experience, I have acquired solid foundation of knowledge and skills related to being a representative and professional.
You will find me to be hardworking, focused, and high spirited, and a dedicated member who will keep members informed of all external group?s activities and events for our engineering students. Given my technical knowledge and skills, and commitment to continuous professional development, I am confident that I am well prepared to succeed in this position.

Thank you for your consideration of my application. For further discussion about my potential with the RESS council I can be reached at crossmda@uregina.ca.