Learn Lean Six Sigma this Summer

A Lean Six Sigma ? Green Belt certification course is being offered by the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES), being held at ?cole de Technologie Sup?rieure (?TS) in downtown Montreal from August 10th to 21st 2015. The deadline for applications is June 5th.

Information about the course and how to apply can be found here:?Lean Six 2015

Contact Quang Vinh Du, Lean Six Sigma organizer at lean6sigma@cfes.ca for more information.

Check out the Facebook event here:?https://www.facebook.com/events/1619171368302087/

Also, like our Facebook page here to stay updated: https://www.facebook.com/cfes.fceg.leansixsigma

Regina Engineering Students’ Society (RESS) may be able to assist with?flights. boarding, and fees.If you are accepted to the course, you can fill out the RESS’ open-conference funding application found on our?Governance & Forms page?and submit it to us at the engineering lounge (ED 127).


RESS Annual General Meeting – April 8th @ 2:30, CK 187

On Wednesday, April 8th?at 2:30pm, join the Regina Engineering Students? Society for their Annual General Meeting! It is being hosted in CK 187.?Pizza (who doesn?t love a good afternoon snack?) is provided for attendees.

The proposed agenda is below. Topics of discussion include approval of election results, yearly meeting minutes, RESS constitution changes, Regina Engineering Equipment Fund (REEF) constitution, and presentation on the RESS budget and how we have served you this year.

Regina Engineering Equipment Fund Constitution


We hope to see you there!


RESS Elections Today

Today is the Regina Engineering Students? Society Election Day. We will be doing an online vote this year. It can be accessed from the Moodle Page, https://moodle.uregina.ca/, under the course ENG UNDERGRAD SAFETY.?

If you have any issues with the online vote, please contact David Crossman, CRO at elections@uofrengineering.com.?

David Crossman

Elections 2015 Chief Returning Officer

Regina Engineering Students’ Society

Cell: (306) 550-6678




This Summer, Head to Europe with BEST!

Want to go to Europe this summer and increase your knowledge on a variety of fascinating topics? Here?s your chance! This is an extremely exciting opportunity to take some English-language courses in beautiful cities in Europe.

Every new season mean new courses from our partner the Board of European Students of Technology (BEST). There are a total of 49 courses for this summer on various topics.?The deadline to apply is March 31st, 2015.

See the attached PDF for a list of the courses and check out http://www.best.eu.org/ for more information.

List of Summer Courses Descriptions

Contact Brittany Sippola, VP Communications (communications@uofrengineering.com) if you have any questions.

We hope to get a lot of applications from University of Regina students. Best of luck!

Pie in the Eye 2015

Seeking volunteers and participants for Pie in the Eye!

To volunteer, please contact Marten Fidler, Charity Director, at charity@uofrengineering.com or 306-596-8136 and fill out the this poll with your availability. http://doodle.com/43bwy6qn5ak29hqw

Pie in the Eye (PITE) is the Regina Engineering Students? Society?s favourite fundraiser! This year, we are running it during the second week of March from 9:00am-5:00pm. PITE is a fundraiser where volunteers deliver whipped cream pies around the city. To purchase a pie, you pay $10 (or more, if desired). Then our volunteers will send it to anyone in Regina.

The recipients of the pies can either:

Accept the pie in the face!

Pay the original amount, +$5, to send it to another person in Regina

Pay the original amount, +$10, to stop the pie chain

Anyone can order pies from the Engineering Lounge at the University of Regina (ED 127), or call 1-306-545-RESS (1-306-545-7377) from March 9-13, 9:00am-5:00pm.

This year we are excited to raise funds for the Tetra Society, which connects engineers with disabled clients to build custom devices to improve their quality of life.?Included with this email is a letter of endorsement from the Tetra Society. Please share this message with others in your office and other companies in Regina to promote awareness.?

Become a Commissioner for the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students


Message from Mark Grady, 2015 President of the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students:

After another great Congress, the time has come for the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students to open up Commissioner applications for the 2015-2016 year! If you would like to join our team for the upcoming year, then apply before February 13th, 2015 at 11:59:59 PM.

The application form is available at the following link:?http://goo.gl/forms/UfyxGKRfqo

Any member of a member school is welcome to apply for a position. If you have a sharp set of skills, a particular interest in a project or task, want to give back, or otherwise want to get involved and contribute to our national body, this could be great fit for you.????

Commissioners are key players on the Officer Team, who each deal with a specific set of tasks / projects. We have commissioners in order to best divvy up the work of the CFES into specific portfolios. Then, they can be worked on individually (or with other assigned individuals, if that?s decided) until the Officer Team regroups at Summer Meeting, then again at President?s Meeting (where we also present to the members), Fall Meeting, and Congress (where we once more also present to the members). Transition and yearly goal-setting occur at Spring meeting.?

A short description of each position available is attached:?CFES positions

We look forward to receiving your applications!?

To learn a bit more about CFES and what they do,?visit CFES.ca.

Proposed Constitution Amendments

Hello folks,

I have had the great opportunity to work with our Constitution Revision Committee to help amend our Constitution for the future. There are three proposed amendments:

1. Revisited and Updated Constitution (Attached)

There are some notable style changes to match our update policy manual as well as updates to numbers. We adjusted quorum at General Meetings from 30 to 60 since the growth of our school needs more representation. Some other changes include more in-depth definitions of?terms such as Honorary Members, Active Members, and more general definitions. Also in this update, we define our symbols as each the crest and the logo. We also added a clause for Presidential candidates such that “candidates shall have previously served a minimum of one semester on the Executive or served a minimum of two terms on the Directors”. Whereas prior it was only elected officers,??now any member of Council can be recalled if one third (1/3) of current ?Active? members or three (3) times as many ‘Active’ members that elected the member, whichever is less sign a petition and nominate another ?Active? member to be a candidate for the position.

2. Vice-President Student Associations

In the case the first amendment is approved, there is an amendment to title of the position of “Vice-President Student Associations” to be changed to “Vice-President External Affairs”

3. Vice-President Finance

In the case the first amendment is approved, there is an amendment to title of the position of “Vice-President Finance” to be changed to “Vice-President Money”


David Crossman
Vice-President Student Associations

Regina Engineering Competition 2014 Registration

Over the course of November 8th, 2014, student teams design, engineer, and present their innovative ideas and products. As outlined below, the competitions are organized to challenge and engage a variety of students, testing their engineering skill-sets from every angle. Winners of each category are revealed at the closing banquet.

Consulting Engineering
As one of the most intimidating categories, the Consulting Engineering competition challenges participants in teams of 4 to devise an innovative and comprehensive solution to a real-world problem prescribed by a hypothetical client. Students must consider the economic, environmental, and social implications in the process, and submit recommendations in a report and presentation format to be assessed by a panel of judges.

Senior Design
Senior Design tests creativity and problem solving skills in teams of four. Competitors are given a hint regarding the challenge they will encounter the week before WEC, with a detailed explanation of the engineering problem the morning of the competition. Students will have 12 hours to develop a tactile solution with a limited set of resources. To finish, teams present and demonstrate their implementation to a panel of judges, who will be looking for creativity, cost, effectiveness, and feasibility of the designs.

Junior Design
This competition requires teams of 4 to build a simple device with very limited resources. With only 4 hours and a sparse set of materials, teams must create a tangible solution to the outlined problem. Devices are tested after a short presentation to a panel of judges looking for creativity, cost effectiveness, and feasibility.

Engineering Communications
Engineering Communications focuses on the the importance of addressing technical subjects to the general public. Students research their topic and prepare 20-minute presentations prior to the competition and present to a panel of judges. Students are assessed on their content, analysis, and presentation skills.

Impromptu Debate
This competition pits teams of two with designated viewpoints against each other in debate format. The topic and viewpoints are disclosed minutes before each round begins. Pairs progress through a series of rounds based on their ability to persuade a panel of judges to favour their side of the prescribed topic.

Innovative Design
This highly technical category challenges students either individually or in pairs to present a novel and commercially viable solution to a real world problem of their own choice. The set-up of this category is unique in that booths are made available all day for public viewing and promotion. Solutions are assessed for feasibility, market research, applicability, and design prototyping.

New to WEC, Re-Engineering challenges competitors to find innovate or repurpose an existing product. The design problem is revealed the morning of the competition and teams of two are given 8 hours to arrive at a solution. Their concepts are then presented and evaluated based on practicality, originality, feasibility, and marketability by a panel of judges.

Registration will be open until October 24th, 2014. Please register here.

NCWiE 2014 Registration

The Regina Engineering Students’ Society (RESS) is opening registration to National Conference on Women in Engineering (NCWiE) 2014 in Saskatoon to its members. The conference will be held at the Sheraton Cavalier Saskatoon. The conference starts at 12:00 (noon) on Friday, November 14th and goes until Sunday, November 16th at 17:00.

The NCWiE is a national student run conference held annually through the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students. NCWiE is held over a weekend in November and brings together approximately 150 undergraduate student leaders from universities across Canada to discuss diversity with sponsors and speakers.

RESS will be sending 10?of its member to NCWiE 2014 in Saskatoon. Each delegate shall pay a delegate fee between $75 – $100. Priority will be given to society members with a history of ambition in student involvement within the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. Registration closes on October 6, 2014. Members can register at the link below:

RESS NCWiE 2014 Registration

Results of September By-Election

The votes are counted, and your new council members are:

First Year Chair: Ahmad Qaqa
First Year Events: Tristan Heisler
First Year Communications: Quinn Bast

VP Social: Dylan Edgar

Lounge Director: Drew Kurtz

There remains a vacant position for International Representative, and anyone who wants to volunteer at our events is always welcome!