Bi-Election Post-Poned

As I have been informed that many did not receive the e-mail I sent out previously regarding the election, we have pushed the deadline for nomination forms back to Friday, October 3, 2008. Election day will take place the Friday after on October 10.


There will be a bi-election to take place on Friday, October 3, 2008. Nomination forms may be printed from the “Policy & Forms” page, and must be handed into the RESS office (located in the RESS lounge
ED127) by Friday, September 26, 2008. The following positions are open:

*VP Professional Affairs
*Grad Director
*Photos Director
*First Year Chair
*First Year Communications
*First Year Events

Descriptions of these positions can be found under “Council.”

Election Results

The results are in! Your RESS Council for the 2008/2009 term is as follows:

President – Drew Baldock (For: 49, Against: 11)
VP Academic – Sherron Campbell (For: 49, Against: 11)
VP Student Associations – Matt Steen (For: 51, Against: 7)
VP Communications – Ariele Chow (For: 54, Against: 5)
VP Finance – Justin Grill (For: 45, Against: 16)
VP Social – Jordan Padbury (For: 50, Against: 11)

Lounge Director – Warren Ryberg (For: 49, Against: 5)
Photo Director – Mitchell Todd (For: 52, Against: 4)
Store Director – Alyssa Stoeck (For: 57, Against: 2)
Publications Director – Johnny Desnoyers-Stewart (For: 53, Against: 2)

I^3 Director – Natasha Bellows (41 votes)
Garett Gelsinger? (19 votes)

Charity Director – Stephanie Campbell (46 votes)
Adam Fehler (19 votes)

Call for Nominations

Just to let any interested students know, the RESS election will be held on Thursday April 10 on the 4th floor of the Education building (outside the Engg. office).

With that being said, anyone interested in running for any position can fill out a nomination form. You can download a nomination form the Policy & Forms tab at the top or from the RESS lounge.