Election Results!

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s elections!

The results from the 2016-2017 winter elections are as follows:

1st Year Chair:
Blessing Bamigboye – 62
Non-Confidence – 11

1st Year Communications:
Brandon Clarke – 56
Non-Confidence – 17

Visual Media Director:
Andrea Mah – 54
Non-Confidence – 19

Charity Director:
Oluwanifemi Adekoya – 29
Petra Kujawa – 27
Ashley Sakundiak – 12
Non-Confidence – 5

3rd Year Representative:
Armin Smajevic – 50
Non-Confidence – 23

Grad Representative:
Shelby Benko – 56
Non-Confidence – 17

Congratulations to everyone who ran! We thank everyone for their interest in joining the RESS council. We encourage anyone who is interested to apply again in March!

Applications Open!

Are you interested in a position on the Regina Engineering Student’s Society (RESS)? We have plenty of vacant positions that are available to apply for including:

  • Student Services Director
  • Visual Media Directors
  • Charity Director
  • Publications Director
  • Social Equality Rep
  • International Rep
  • 2nd Year Rep
  • 3rd Year Rep
  • 4th Year Rep
  • Grad Rep
  • Alumni Rep

To apply or for more information, please visit www.uofrengineering.com/apply.

Once you have completed your application form you can submit it at ED127 or email the completed application to communications@uofrengineering.com.

We encourage anyone in any engineering discipline to apply. The deadline for application is Friday, May 20th, 2016 at 11:59pm. If you have any questions or need any clarification on the positions feel free to contact me.

Good Luck,

Quinn Bast
RESS VP Communications

RESS Elections 2016: Meet the Candidates!

Here is everything you would like to know about some of our council candidates and their platforms!

President: Maksym Zabutnyy

As a nominee for RESS President these are the key points to my platform:

1) Represent and showcase the RESS and U of R Engineering far more outside of our home “turf.” U of R is considered a small engineering school in size, but I foresee that in the next few years we will be able to compete against other WESST and Canadian schools in involvement and academics.

2) Improve communication within RESS as well as our outreach to students about the services we provide, I think this year we have showed that we are capable of running good events and service for students and having more students engaged would make them that much better.

3) Make Engineering Great Again

VP Finance: Tristan Heisler

Hello fellow engineering students,

My name is Tristan Heisler and I am currently in my second year of software systems engineering. As your previous First Year Events and current Stores Director, I believe that running for VP Finance is a great way for myself to continue making a difference within the RESS! If elected into this position, I will ensure that the money spent by the RESS on events, merchandise and lounge improvements are focused on improving student experience, benefits and satisfaction. I will also attempt to maintain all of the records required to allow the RESS to pursue an audit. This will allow us to receive a professional and independent judgement on our financial reporting.

I believe that our finance team has done a great job over the last year, and want to remain a part of this team in order to continue improving our lounge and bringing new merchandise options to you. Therefore, I promise to work with our incoming Stores and Lounge Directors in order to help them achieve all of the great things that they surely have planned for you!

Thank you for taking time to read my biography, and I hope you can make time to go out and vote on election day!

VP Professional: Mackenzie Mueller

My name is Mackenzie Mueller and I am a second year Industrial Systems student. I would be honoured to be a returning member of the RESS and hold the position of VP Professional Affairs. It is my desire to evolve and grow the professional representation at the University through event planning, industry involvement and student development.

I believe I am most suitable for the position of VP Professional Affairs because I have relevant work/volunteer experience as the University of Regina?s Agriculture Ambassador. I am also passionate and action oriented about creating a professional environment at the University of Regina that all students can be proud of. This process will start by giving students all the tools they need to be practiced and up to date on the industries of engineering around them, as well as providing opportunity to network and gain perspective on what the professional world is like.

What Can I Do For You?

As a fellow colleague, I have an understanding of what students are in need of in order to learn important skills such as networking and gaining a sense of professionalism. If I am elected to be the new VP Professional, there are several things I will carry on and implement such as:
1) Professional Development Week ~ original idea
i) This would be a week in late September
ii) Include events such as how to perform well in an interview, as well as learn how to interact professionally. My major goal is to host a professional development seminar and if possible, send a number of students to a professional development conference.
2) Year 1-4 Reception ~ tradition
i) Invite a number of industry representatives and esteemed speakers to set the tone for the school year. These industry representatives will be looking to hire students for upcoming work terms/summer employment.
3) Winter Gala ~ first time hosting
i) I will host a formal professional networking event at the Hilton in Regina that focuses on connecting employers to students. I plan on doing this by contacting professionals from all aspects of engineering such as oil & gas, environmental, software, electrical, mechanical & industrial, and agricultural sectors. Having representation from all specializations will ensure that there is a large amount of people to network with regardless of your chosen major.
4) Engineering Career Fair ~ original idea
i) Creating a career fair solely for engineering students will give the engineering student body the opportunity to be exposed to job opportunities both co-op and non co-op. This event will likely take place early November. If the fair cannot be set up for the upcoming year then I will take it upon myself to put steps in place to make it a possibility for future students.

VP Internal: Zach Martin


Zach Martin is a second year Industrial Systems Engineering student. He is 20 years old and is from Calgary, Alberta. Zach is currently on a work term for The Mosaic Company as a maintenance engineering student. His favorite courses thus far have been Engineering 123 and Engineering Statics and Dynamics because they are the courses he feels he has most used on his work term. Zach?s past leadership experiences range from captaining numerous hockey teams to being the class president in his high school. Zach has served on the RESS before as a Student Life Director.

In his free time Zach likes long walks on the beach, pi?a coladas and yoga. Zach also likes to volunteer as a hockey coach. He is the proud owner of many leather bound books that smell of rich mahogany.


Greetings fellow students and colleagues,

I would like to take time to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my platform. VP Internal is mainly in charge of organizing frosh week. If elected my platform will be to continue on the usual Frosh Week activities and create new ones that will continue on and be a stronghold of continuing Frosh Weeks. I want to continue hosting events such as the scavenger hunt and the Frosh Olympics. Events I would like to bring in would be events that help foster a mixing of the older students with younger students, as I believe having older students mentor incoming ones can help with the transition process in university. The events would be things like an all years mixer another games night and a karaoke night.
I would also like to continue on and expand the Engineering Living Learning Community. The Engineering LLC is a weekly gathering for engineering students to get free tutoring and bond with other students. The LLC also puts on social events for the students to help take their mind off of studies.

Zach Martin

VP Communications: Quinn Bast

My name is Quinn Bast, and I will be a 3rd year Industrial Engineering student. I am running for VP communications and after spending a year as 1st year communications and another year as lounge director, I believe VP communications is a good fit for me. By voting for me, you are allowing me to be the person who sends you emails, posts to Facebook, and spreads the news about all of the RESS events for you to attend. I am a grammar nazi (I don’t hiel grammar though) and can assure that you will receive news of any event well in advance so you can plan your week. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or stop me in the halls and ask me anything. May the rest of the semester treat you well and thank you for supporting me! Remember to Vote Quinn Bast for VP Communications!

Stores Director: Mike Badger

My name is Mike Badger and I am running for the position of Stores Director for the 2016-2017 RESS council. Outside of my fellow RESS council members, it is noticeable how little the engineering student body represents their faculty through their clothing. My main goal as the Stores Director is to drastically increase merchandise sales. This will be achieved through the increased promotion of new and exciting items being added to the store such as the engineering jean jacket, as well as the promotion of our current merchandise. This goal will also be achieved by adding opportunities for students to purchase items by increasing the RESS organized events where students can purchase merchandise when they are really feeling the buffalo pride. I will also look into adding more patches to the store, as well as follow up with the Saskatoon Engineering Students? Society to create a previously discussed shared clothing item available to both U of R and U of S engineering students to show our Saskatchewan pride. I look forward to hearing your feedback on these new ideas, and I look forward to putting you into some sweet new threads!

Lounge Director: Justin Grywacheski


I currently hold a position within the ISE program. At the end of winter 2016, I will have completed 7 of the required 9 semesters of my degree. In my final year I feel that it is my turn to carry part of the responsibility that is the Regina Engineering Student Society, as many have before me. I will commit to my position and perform my job with an expectation of professionalism. Please consider my candidacy as future Lounge Director.


? Improve students? overall experience with Engineering Lounge.
? Respond to general inquiries, comments, and concerns in a timely fashion.
? Analyze the existing Lounge Director duties.


As a student who uses the lounge actively, often I have ideas of improvement in daily passing. I view the lounge as an opportunity to apply theoretical study of queue-in systems and general processing. Upon successful application, the lounge will be more capable of hosting the engineering student body.

From my time within the Faculty of Engineering, I have sensed that general RESS interest has been slowly diminishing. I can help promote the RESS to current engineering students and especially to the young engineers entering the faculty. In my humble opinion, I feel that I can make changes associated with the Engineering Lounge to make it a more attractive location to visit.

The current capacity of the lounge is limited not by its size but rather its use of effective space. A steady increase in traffic will demand that the capacity of the lounge be pushed to its potential. I am confident in my current awareness that I can make these necessary adjustments.

RESS Elections 2016 Candidates

Congratulations to all those who have been accepted as candidates in the RESS Election 2016! For those of you interested the following people are running for the 2016-2017 RESS Council.

Maksym Zabutnyy

VP Academic:
Adam Tilson

VP Finance:
Tristan Heisler

VP Professional:
Mackenzie Mueller
Peter Kloiber

VP Internal:
Zach Martin

VP External:
Taylor Petrychyn

VP Social:
Mackenzie Gelinas

VP Communication:
Quinn Bast

Student Life Directors (2):
Ashley Linkewich
Anton Movchan

Industry Relations:
Blair Graas

Stores Director:
Mike Badger

Lounge Director:
Justin Grywacheski

All of the candidates will be submitting biographies/platforms soon so keep an eye out!

RESS Elections 2016

The Regina Engineering Students’ Society General Elections are fast approaching! If you are interested in running for an elected position (President, a Vice President, or a Director position), please take note of the follow dates.

Nomination Period: February 29 – March 4
During this time nomination forms will be accepted, please submit them to a current RESS elected member in the Engineering Lounge, ED 127;
The nomination forms are attached, available on our website, uofrengineering.com, and in the Engineering Lounge.
Campaign Period: March 7 – March 11
After nomination forms have been submitted and accepted, approved candidates will be able to actively campaign (hanging posters, speaking to classes, etc.);
Candidates will also be given the opportunity to speak at a public forum where students will be allowed to ask questions of each candidate;
Additional dates to follow.
Election Day: March 16
The election will be set up on Moodle through URCourses and students will vote for each position online.

Please read the RESS Policy Manual, which includes all elected positions and their mandates and the RESS Election Rules, which can be found here: http://uofrengineering.com/documents/policy-bylaws

In the meantime if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email elections@uofrengineering.com.


Magda Seitz
Chief Returning Officer
Regina Engineering Students’ Society General Elections

2015 Election Results

With 119 votes, here are the results* for the 2015-2016 Election:

Nicole Barber

VP Student Associations
Caileigh Beckman

VP Academic
Ahmad Qaqa
Dylan Edgar

VP Professional Affairs
Marten Fidler

VP Finance
Magda Seitz

VP Communications
Brittany Sippola

VP Social
Maksym Zabutnyy

Student Services Director
Nick Laplante
Garrett Terlson
Adam Tilson

Student Life Director
Zach Martin
Mackenzie Gelinas
Rayann Joseph Soledad

Visual Media Director
(James) Tsung-Han Hsieh

Stores Director
Tristan Heisler
Tyson Blaschke

Charity Director
Armin Smajevic
Brant Geddes

Industry Relations Director
Carly Meena

Lounge Director
Quinn Bast
Jeremy Beaurivage

Thanks to those who came out to vote!!

*Please note that values are subject to change due to recount and verification of membership*e note that values are subject to change due to recount and verification of membership*

2015 Election Candidates

The RESS election will take place on Friday March 13, 2015 ? voting process TBD. For students on co-op or those that can not make it to the lounge can still vote.

Read more

Election 2015 Nominations

The following is the current nominations running for the 2015 election.

President Nicole Barber
VP Student Associations? Caileigh Beckman
VP Academic Ahmad Qaqa Dylan Edgar
VP Professional Affairs Marten Fidler
VP Finance Magda Seitz
VP Communications Brittany Sippola
VP Social Maksym Zabutnyy
Student Services Director Nick Laplante Adam Tilson Garrett Terlson
Student Life Director Zach Martin Mackenzie Gelinas Rayann Joesph Soledad
Visual Media Director ?(James) Tsung-Han Hsieh
Stores Director Tristan Heisler ?Tyson Blaschke
Publications Director
Charity Director Armin Smajevic Brant Geddes
Industry Relations Director ?Carly Meena
Lounge Director Jeremy Beaurivage Quinn Bast

Please ensure that your “Certificate of Understanding of Required Responsibilities” has been filled out. If you wish to accept your nomination, please contact your CRO, David Crossman, at?elections@uofrengineering.com.

2015-2016 RESS Election

RESS?elections are right around the corner! We have a variety of RESS positions to fill, so be sure to check out what the RESS Council has to offer. Nomination forms can be downloaded, as well as the operations manual?outlining responsibilities?and election rules and regulations outlining election bylaws, on our website:?http://www.uofrengineering.com/documents/policy-bylaws
Elected positions are the President, Vice-Presidents, and Director positions outlined on our website:?http://www.uofrengineering.com/council/council-positions
Important Dates are as follows:
Nominations Open:?Monday, February 23, 2015 at 8am
Nominations Acceptance:?Friday, February 27, 2015 at 5pm
Campaign Period:?Monday, March 2, 2015 at 8am to Friday, March 5, 2015 at 5pm
Candidates Forum:?Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at 8:30pm
Election Day:?Friday, March 13, 2015 at 8 to 5pm
Being involved with the RESS is an excellent opportunity to develop soft skills, network with industry, network with other engineering student societies across Canada, gain event planning experience and more.
For more information, contact David Crossman, CRO for the 2015 RESS Elections at associations@uofrengineering.com

RESS 2014-2015 Election Results

Hello all,

Thanks to everyone who came out to vote today, the results for the election are listed below. As there is a tie we will have to hold another election solely for that position at a later date *. Please note that these results are not ratified until the AGM and are subject to a recount.


Jason Whitelaw: 96
Non-confidence: 3


VP Academic
Brad Lulik: 90
Non-confidence: 9


VP Communications
Brayden Willenborg: 89
Non-confidence: 12


VP Finance
Seth Hunt: 91
Non-confidence: 9


VP Professional Affairs
Nicole Barber: 85
Non-confidence: 13


VP Social
Dylan Edgar: 54
Non-confidence: 41


VP Student Associations
David Crossman: 95
Non-confidence: 4


Industry Director
Manjesh Banawara: 45
Marten Fidler: 43
Non-confidence: 7


Lounge Director
Ryan Clark: 88
Non-confidence: 11


Publications Director *
Eva Rennie: 42
Brittany Sippola:42
Non-confidence: 6


Stores Director
Magda Seitz: 85
Non-confidence: 9


Student Life Directors
Ashley Linkewich: 61
Tanner Hunt: 52
Ibrahim Alayyaf: 26
Jiann (Wilson) Nie: 22
Non-confidence: 7


Students Services
Paul Hutchinson: 46
Garrett Terlson: 42


Visual Media Director
Owen Lareau: 90
Non-confidence: 5