Regina Engineering Competition Winners

The winners of this Sunday’s Regina Engineering Competition are as follows:

Junior Design

Team Kowalchuk?(AKA – Victorious Secret)

Tennille Kowalchuk,?Emma Fraser,?Kailey Lowe,?Kaylee Hayko

Senior Design

Team Rush

Dylan Rush, Marten Fidler, Clayton Brezinski, Alex Chow


Team Zabutnyy

Maksym Zabutnyy, Brad Lulik


Team Barber

Nicole Barber, Dylan Edgar


Team Sippola

Brittany Sippola, Emilie Erlandson

Innovative Design

Team Blasckhe

Tyson Blaschke, Garrett Terlson, Paul Hewitt

?Engineering Consulting

Team Beckman

Caileigh Beckman, Mackenzie Gelinas, Rayann Joseph Soledad, Brant Geddes

Congratulations to all of our winners who will be representing Regina at the Western Engineering Competition this January at UBCO in Kelowna, BC, and well as thanks to all competitors who came out and made the day so competitive and eventful.?


Register in the Regina Engineering Competition!

The Regina Engineering Competition is fast upon us! This year the competition will take place on Sunday, October 18th. All student currently enrolled in Engineering are eligible to compete, no experience required! The competition consists of 7 categories relating to the Engineering field.

The competitions and rules are listed below:
Junior Design (1st or 2nd year only) -?Junior Design Rules
Senior Design -?Senior Design Rules
ConsultingEngineering?-?Consulting Engineering Rules
Re-Engineering -?Re-Engineering Rules
Innovative Design -?Innovative Design Rules
Impromptu Debate -?Impromptu Debate Rules
Communications -?Communications Rules
The theme for the Regina Engineering Competition this year is ?Breaking Boundaries.?

If you are interested in competing please sign up here. Registration closes Tuesday, October 13th at midnight.?Please read through and familiarize yourself with competition rules and requirements.
The winners of the respective competitions are eligible to go on to compete in the Western Engineering Competition 2016, being hosted at the University of British Columbia Okanagan.

Note: Those competing in communications must submit their abstract by Wednesday, October 14th.

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Regina Engineering Competition 2014 Results

Thank you to all the judges, volunteers and competitors that came out today to make this one of the most challenging competitions so far. A special thanks to APEGS for their support and contribution to the event, we certainly could not have done it without them. Here are your 2014 winners:

Senior Design
1 -?Ryan Kinnear, Mason Tebb, ?Dylan Rush, Brayden Willenborg
2 -?Arsalan Khan, Vanessa Lee, Lindsey Kinash, Elechi Frank
Junior Design
1 -?Tyson Blaschke, Michael Mogentale, Garrett Terlson, Kolby Parisloff
2 -?Curtis Penrose, Ashley Linkewich, Jeff Redmond, Dustin Coupland
Engineering Communications
1 -?Caileigh Beckman, Magda Seitz
2 -?Nicole Barber
Innovative Design
1 -?Sumaiya Asad, Monica Purewal
Consulting Engineering
1 -?Seth Hunt, Daniel Frazer, Ray Lagimodiere, Ryan Clark
2 -?Carli Rosenbaum, Camille Jensen, Graem Johnston, Kade Halabuza
3 -?Connor Tant, Mark Rumpel, Brent Reid, Kyle Shaw
4 -?Michael Pereira, Steven Suh, Alan Lavoie, Chelsea Roy
Impromptu Debate
1 -?Jason Whitelaw, Chris Carman
2 -?Paul Hewitt, Maksym Zabutnyy
1 -Owen Lareau, Marten Fidler
Thank you again for those who came out to participate! Feedback from the competition will be sent out later this week.

Compete in the National Mining Competition

From October 30 to November 2, 2014, the National Mining Competition (NMC) is being hosted at the Bessborough hotel in down-town Saskatoon. ?The Regina Engineering Students’ Society would like to help you attend by paying for a portion of your costs to participate in the competitions, such as travel expenses, food, fees, and accommodations. ?This competition is a team-based events and the competition is designed to have both a business and engineering theme, so a team with both business and engineering students is encouraged, but not required.

Competitions like these look great on a?r?sum?! In fact, the competition itself is presented by PotashCorp, an employer of many Saskatchewan engineers, and many other professional engineers and recruiters will be there!

Want to learn more?
NMC official website:?
NMC 2014 Prospectus: download PDF

To register and apply for funding:
NMC 2014 registration: registration details
RESS Open Conference Funding Form: download PDF

Regina Engineering Competition 2013 Results

The winners of the Regina Engineering Competition and who will be?representing the University of Regina at Western Engineering Competition (WEC) 2014:

Junior Design:?Paul Hewitt,?Tyson Blaschke,?Taylor Petrychyn,?Michael Mogentale

Senior Design:?Brayden Willenborg,?Ryan Clark,?Seth Hunt,?Daniel Frazher

Consulting:?Nicole Barber,?Spencer Schubert,?Katrina Euteneier,?Carli Rosenbaum

Re-Engineering: Ryan Kinnear,?Nick Phongsavath

Communications: Jason Whitelaw

2013 Regina Engineering Competition

The Regina Engineering Competition (REC) will be hosted by the RESS on Saturday October 26, 2013 starting at 9am, lunch will be provided, and everything will finish at or before 5pm.

Team registration is open now, and will close on October 25th, 2013 at 1:00pm sharp, so register your teams early!

Competitions this year will include:
Junior Design (team of 4)
Senior Design (4)
Re-Engineering (1-2)
Consulting (4)
Innovative Design (1-4)
Communication (1-2)
Debate (2)

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2012 Regina Engineering Competition

The Regina Engineering Competition (REC) will be on November 17 at 9am to 4:30pm. The winners of REC will represent the University of Regina at the Western Engineering Competition being held at the University of Victoria. Competitions being held are Junior Design (Open to 1st and 2nd year students only), Impromptu Debate, Engineering Communications, Consulting Engineering and Senior Design. Junior Design, Senior Design and Consulting are 4 person teams, Impromptu Debate is 2 people and Communications is 1 or 2. You can register for these events by at by November 9, 2012.

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Western Engineering Competition 2012 Results

It is our pleasure to announce to you the results of the 2012 Western Engineering Competition hosted by the University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta.

The Western Engineering Competition is an annual competition hosted and attended by almost all of the accredited engineering institutions in western Canada, from the University of Manitoba to the University of Victoria. The event features 6 competitions, Communication Engineering, Consulting Engineering, Impromptu Debate, Innovative Design, Junior Team Design and Senior Team Design.

The Communication competition requires an individual or team of two to present a topic, technical in nature, and demonstrate its social, economic and environmental impacts. Kyle Smyth took third place, out of 14 teams, with his topic on open-source software. The competition was won by the University of Calgary, followed by the University of Manitoba.

Kyle Smyth, 3rd place Communication Engineering

The Junior Team Design competition required a team of four first or second year engineering students to solve a physical problem. University of Regina Team One, who?s members included Nick Phongsavath, Mason Tebb, Ryan Kinnear, and Dylan Rush, finished second place (out of 21 teams) only slightly behind Simon Fraser University. The team was tasked to design an apparatus to lift dirty water out of a reservoir, filter it and then deposit in to a second reservoir. The team came up with a vertical conveyer system, powered by a drill, which brought water up and into a trough. The trough moved the water into a three-stage filter of sand, cotton and polyester. The filtered water was then tested at a chemistry lab at the University of Calgary and a panel of four judges in industry critiqued their design.

Nick Phongsavath, Ryan Kinnear, Dylan Rush and Mason Tebb. 2nd place Junior Team Design

The Junior Design Team will advance to the Canadian Engineering Competition, being held in March at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC.

We would also like to mention the excellent performance and professionalism of our Senior Design Team which included Johann Kriek, Aaron Mead, Mitch Parsons and, Yilun Deng. They were tasked with designing an automated VEX Robot that had to clean up a mock oil spill. Unfortunately for them, the first test of two went wrong and broke one of the sensors and on their second try were forced to use human intervention, which lost them several points. Had they not had to use human intervention we are confident they would have easily taken a podium spot.

We are extremely proud of all of the delegates that represented our school. On top of the two podium finishes, the University of Regina delegation was an honourable mention for the overall Spirit Award.

University of Regina Competitors

For more pictures of the event, visit our Flickr page: