Proposed Constitution Amendments

Hello folks,

I have had the great opportunity to work with our Constitution Revision Committee to help amend our Constitution for the future. There are three proposed amendments:

1. Revisited and Updated Constitution (Attached)

There are some notable style changes to match our update policy manual as well as updates to numbers. We adjusted quorum at General Meetings from 30 to 60 since the growth of our school needs more representation. Some other changes include more in-depth definitions of?terms such as Honorary Members, Active Members, and more general definitions. Also in this update, we define our symbols as each the crest and the logo. We also added a clause for Presidential candidates such that “candidates shall have previously served a minimum of one semester on the Executive or served a minimum of two terms on the Directors”. Whereas prior it was only elected officers,??now any member of Council can be recalled if one third (1/3) of current ?Active? members or three (3) times as many ‘Active’ members that elected the member, whichever is less sign a petition and nominate another ?Active? member to be a candidate for the position.

2. Vice-President Student Associations

In the case the first amendment is approved, there is an amendment to title of the position of “Vice-President Student Associations” to be changed to “Vice-President External Affairs”

3. Vice-President Finance

In the case the first amendment is approved, there is an amendment to title of the position of “Vice-President Finance” to be changed to “Vice-President Money”


David Crossman
Vice-President Student Associations

Regina Engineering Competition 2014 Results

Thank you to all the judges, volunteers and competitors that came out today to make this one of the most challenging competitions so far. A special thanks to APEGS for their support and contribution to the event, we certainly could not have done it without them. Here are your 2014 winners:

Senior Design
1 -?Ryan Kinnear, Mason Tebb, ?Dylan Rush, Brayden Willenborg
2 -?Arsalan Khan, Vanessa Lee, Lindsey Kinash, Elechi Frank
Junior Design
1 -?Tyson Blaschke, Michael Mogentale, Garrett Terlson, Kolby Parisloff
2 -?Curtis Penrose, Ashley Linkewich, Jeff Redmond, Dustin Coupland
Engineering Communications
1 -?Caileigh Beckman, Magda Seitz
2 -?Nicole Barber
Innovative Design
1 -?Sumaiya Asad, Monica Purewal
Consulting Engineering
1 -?Seth Hunt, Daniel Frazer, Ray Lagimodiere, Ryan Clark
2 -?Carli Rosenbaum, Camille Jensen, Graem Johnston, Kade Halabuza
3 -?Connor Tant, Mark Rumpel, Brent Reid, Kyle Shaw
4 -?Michael Pereira, Steven Suh, Alan Lavoie, Chelsea Roy
Impromptu Debate
1 -?Jason Whitelaw, Chris Carman
2 -?Paul Hewitt, Maksym Zabutnyy
1 -Owen Lareau, Marten Fidler
Thank you again for those who came out to participate! Feedback from the competition will be sent out later this week.