RESS AGM : Wednesday April 2, 2014 at 12:30 pm ED 311

The Regina Engineering Student’s Society is having their Annual General Meeting on?Wednesday April 2, 2014 at 12:30 pm in ED 311. Come out and enjoy some free food and drinks!

Check out the agenda for all motions.


2014 AGM Agenda
2014 AGM Agenda
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RESS 2014-2015 Election Results

Hello all,

Thanks to everyone who came out to vote today, the results for the election are listed below. As there is a tie we will have to hold another election solely for that position at a later date *. Please note that these results are not ratified until the AGM and are subject to a recount.


Jason Whitelaw: 96
Non-confidence: 3


VP Academic
Brad Lulik: 90
Non-confidence: 9


VP Communications
Brayden Willenborg: 89
Non-confidence: 12


VP Finance
Seth Hunt: 91
Non-confidence: 9


VP Professional Affairs
Nicole Barber: 85
Non-confidence: 13


VP Social
Dylan Edgar: 54
Non-confidence: 41


VP Student Associations
David Crossman: 95
Non-confidence: 4


Industry Director
Manjesh Banawara: 45
Marten Fidler: 43
Non-confidence: 7


Lounge Director
Ryan Clark: 88
Non-confidence: 11


Publications Director *
Eva Rennie: 42
Brittany Sippola:42
Non-confidence: 6


Stores Director
Magda Seitz: 85
Non-confidence: 9


Student Life Directors
Ashley Linkewich: 61
Tanner Hunt: 52
Ibrahim Alayyaf: 26
Jiann (Wilson) Nie: 22
Non-confidence: 7


Students Services
Paul Hutchinson: 46
Garrett Terlson: 42


Visual Media Director
Owen Lareau: 90
Non-confidence: 5

Pie in the Eye 2014


Pie in the Eye (PITE) is a fundraiser hosted by the Regina Engineering Students’ Society which is to run the third week of March from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. PITE is a charity fundraiser where volunteers deliver pies all over the city. For a minimum donation of $10.00, someone can purchase a whipped cream pie to be sent to anyone in Regina. The recipient can then accept the pie in the face for free or pay the price. To have the pie sent to someone else or stop the pie cold, the recipient can pay the amount that was paid to have it sent to him or her plus $5.00 or $10.00, respectively. One is able to order pies from the Engineering Lounge at the University of Regina (ED 127) or by phone at 1 (306) 584-

This year we are excited to raise funds for Hope’s Home, where medically fragile children and their families enjoy better lives through integration, acceptance, and involvement in their community.

2014 Election Candidates

The RESS election will take place on Tuesday March 18, 2014 ? voting process TBD. For students on co-op or those that can not make it to the lounge can still vote.

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Beef N’ Pizza

The RESS would like to invite all students to our Beef and Pizza event happening this Thursday. Come out and tell us your beef and we will feed you pizza. Please note this is metaphorical beef and that there will be vegetarian options available. We are interested in hearing how your classes are going and if you have any issues with professors, classes or your program.

Date: Thursday, March 6th
Location: ED Building, Room 388
Time:? 1:30 – 3:00 P.M.

Come out and voice your opinion!

Students unleash canned food monster in downtown Regina

Members of the U of R Canstruction team with their creation. Photo courtesy of Heidi Smithson

Members of the U of R Canstruction team with their creation. Photo courtesy of Heidi Smithson

The Regina and District Food Bank?s annual Canstruction food drive is currently underway. Teams from across the city have erected giant structures from cans of food in the Cornwall Centre and Northgate Mall.

This is the 6th time U of R has entered the competition. The team, made up of Engineering and Applied Science students, was excited by their design this year because it represents the most advanced design the team has ever tried.

?We wanted to make something really challenging. For a lot of the team members, this is our third year or so with the team, and for several of us, it will be our last since we?re graduating. We thought this is the year to really flex our engineering muscles!?, explains the team?s chief designer, Fourth year student Arin Dolph.

With the new Godzilla movie coming out, the team thought ?Why not make a giant Godzilla out of cans? And, while we?re at it, let?s make it really relevant to Regina and have it crushing the McCallum Hill Towers downtown!?

The structure is composed of 6124 cans of food, which will be donated to the Regina and District Food Bank, bringing the total donation by the team over six years to 25,000 cans of food.

The structures will remain on display in the malls until March 8. The public can make donations of canned foods at the displays or can visit the Regina and District Food Bank website for information on how to donate. More on this year?s structures can be found on the Regina and District Food Bank Facebook page (vote for the People?s Choice Award by liking your favourite structure!)

The Regina Engineering Students’ Society has funded the team $1000 for this engineering group.

Link to Food Bank website:

Food Bank Face Book page: