2013 Election Results

Firstly, thank you all for coming down to vote! We had a record breaking 105 ballots cast! Below are the results of the?election.


Jason Whitelaw 97
No-confidence 3
Vice President Academic*
Brad Lulik 50
Dan Hebert 49
No-confidence 3
Vice President Communications
David Crossman 101
No-confidence 3
Vice-President Social

Austin Meldrum 99
No-confidence 3
Vice-President Finance
Justin Rumpel 95
No-confidence 6
Vice-President Student Associations
Matt Cooke 94
No-confidence 6
Vice-President Professional Affairs
Brayden Willenborg 92
No-confidence 3
Student Life Directors
Shelby Benko 64
Seth Hunt 42
Lindsey Petersen 38
Dylan Edgar 28
No-confidence 5
Industry Relations Director
Nicole Barber 94
No-confidence 5
Publications Director
Eva Rennie 100
No-confidence 2
Stores Director
Magda Seitz 101
No-confidence 4
*Subject to recount

ENGG WEEK 2013 Winners

The Winners of ENGG WEEK with a total of 36 points are The Cunning Stunts ( Matt Cooke, Kyan Benesh, Arin Dolph, Joel Legasse, Chad Lang, Liam Abrams).

In second place with 24 points: District 3.14
third place with 18 points: The Sloshed Sloths
fourth place with 16 points: Bitches & Binary/Fallopian Swim Team
fifth place with 13 points: Engineers Without Borders
sixth place with 9 points: The Majestic Unicorns.