UPDATE: 2nd Year Mug Ceremony

The 2nd Year Mug Ceremony will now be held in The Lazy Owl!

2nd Years please show up at 5PM.
All other engineers are welcome to show up for free beer at 6:30PM, and the joint cabaret with RESS, KHSS and Justice will be starting at 8PM.

2nd Year Mug Ceremony & Git ‘R Done!

2nd Year Mug Ceremony will be held on Saturday, December 1st in the Multipurpose Room, Riddel Centre. This event is free and highly recommended for all 2nd Year Engineering students. You will be given your 2nd Year Name and if you pass, your 2nd Year Mug. (Free beer may be involved…)

At 6:30PM the Multi will be open to all engineering students for an end of semester mixer that may also…involve free beer. This will run until 8:00PM or until the kegs run dry. This is open ONLY to engineering students and will require your student ID card to attend.

At 8:00PM Engineering, Kinesiology & Justice Students’ Societies have teamed up to throw an end of the semester gongshow in The Lazy Owl!

Tickets are $5

*All proceeds goto Adopt-a-Family Charity*

Regina Engineering Competition

The first annual Regina Engineering Competition was a huge success and every competitor put forth a good effort. The teams that will be representing the University of Regina at the Western Engineering Competition are as follows:

Consulting Engineering – Katherine Stephenson, [Redacted], Steven Hepting, Matthew Schmeling

Junior Design – Sherron Campbell, Kyle Nadiger, Matt Richardson, Sylvia Dziak

Engineering Communications – Adam Baragar, Nathan Rogowski

A special thanks to the judges, as well as Justin Grill, Drew Baldock and Matt Steen for their efforts in organizing this event.